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Columbine - Dave Cullen I'm not sure if I shall mark this as "contains spoilers" because it's not like I'm giving away a huge plot twist in a thriller. It's more like I'm writing about the truth that's revealed in this book. On the other hand one could say that said truth is a huge plot twist in a thriller...This is a very moving and surprising report of what really happend. It seems that the conclusions that were drawn (Eric and Dylan had no friends, were listening to Marilyn Manson and suddenly snapped) were completely and utterly wrong. Actually they had lots of friends, lots of people liked them, it wasn't just aimed at the jocks, music had nothing to do with it (and so didn't video games, just for the record) and they had planned it for over a year. Dylan because he wanted to die since he was 15 but never had the guts until Eric came along and Eric because - get this - because he could. Because he thought he was superiour to everyone, god-like even and because he hated the human race. This book is shocking, informative and saddening. I think whoever is even only mildly interested in the Columbine tragedy should read it.ETA:Oh, I just discovered that this is the first book I came across on Goodreads that has more 5-star ratings than 4-star ratings. I approve!