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Dracula - Bram Stoker, David Rogers I survived it.Dear Lord, it's like reading Tolkien! All the details and pages full of blah blah. Don't get me wrong, the Lord of the Rings is the best book in the history of ever but only Tolkien was allowed to torture his readers with whole chapters about the beauty of landscapes!That said, Dracula isn't as bad as I just made it sound. It's a classic, no doubt, and I get why. It's well written, the topic is interesting, it's the first vampire novel and I love the style (journal entries and other records which let the book seem to be close to reality, I think).Well, as okay as I think it is, I can't get myself to give more than three stars, and even that is generous of me. It's a good book, great even, but not for me. I had to force myself to keep going. I even switched to the audiobook version hoping it would be faster. I was wrong and so I swiched back to the paperback.All in all, it's just too damn long and detailed. Get to the point, dude!