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Soulless - Gail Carriger, Gail Carriger You see, I was forced to read this. For the past few months I read lots of vampire fiction which made me realize that it's so not my cup of tea. Then why did I do it you might wonder? Well, I'm an avid bookblog reader and vampire books (which I say when I actually mean every kind of paranormal romances) are everywhere so I thought there had to be something to it if all of the bloggers read them almost exclusively. Something like a hidden appeal I just wasn't aware of.I came to the conclusion that there's no hidden appeal, it's just that people who read other types of books don't have blogs.But I digress...So a friend made me read it and I had no expectations whatsoever for it to be a good book. I actually braced myself for one of these cheesy vampire romances with a useless female lead and the oh-so-hot, brooding vampire dude. Boy, was I wrong.Alexia Tarabotti, the not at all useless female lead, kicks major ass and the male protagonist is in fact not a vampire but a werewolf which made me incredibly happy since I have it uo to here *points to forehead* with the vampire hype.This book is exciting and witty and sarcastic and hilarious and all in all absolutely fabulous! I really love Gail Carrigers writing a lot. She expresses everything, every sentence, every word with the utmost perfection. I may have fallen in love with her style...Apropos: I also developped a crush on Mr Darcy Lord Maccon.That little intentional slip there is by the way the reason why I only gave four stars. This book is basically Pride and Prejudice and Werewolfs, character- and storywisewise. But while I didn't like P&P (as a book! The BBC mini series with Colin Firth was *rawr*) I liked Soulless because Carriger writes far more interesting than Jane Austen (I looking forward to your letter, Austen fanatics) and Alexia is made of awesome while Lizzie isn't.