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Beauty Queens - Libba Bray A rollercoaster ride. But not the good kind.Up until about 50% I was like "OH MAH GAAAAWD! That's, like, so hilarious and totally awesome. FIVE STARS, Y'ALL!"Then came the dudes and everything was too convienient. My rating dropped to two stars. After that it increased up to four stars again but then everything dragged out for too long and the epilogue was horrible. If the book would've stopped around the middle I may have given five stars but now I have to decide if I give three or four since Goodreads doesn't allow half stars.Now some quick thoughts:- Whenever Momo was mentioned Kim Jong Il with a moustache popped in my head- The footnotes are fantastic!- The band names, film titles and songtitles are awesome as well- Did someone else think that Tiara is reincarnated Brittany?